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Get Prepped for Autumn with These Trusty At-Home Hacks


O'Donnell Bros President, Bob O'Donnell, is a regular contributor to The Bristol Press. Read his home improvement articles here.


Get Prepped for Autumn with These Trusty At-Home Hacks

Chelsea O'Donnell

With autumn coming fast, now is a great time to tackle the at-home projects that you may have ignored while enjoying the summer sun. Here are a bunch of my favorite fall hacks to get your property ready for the change in temperature.

After dozens of summer barbecues, your grill might be looking a bit worse for wear. Cleaning a grill can be a messy and tedious job, but did you know that you can get rid of almost all those baked on food particles with a simple coffee soak? That’s right, just brew up a few pots of the cheap stuff and put it into a large, shallow, plastic tub. Drop your grill grates into the tub of joe for an hour and then rinse clean for a good as new finish.

With all the humidity we experienced over the summer, you may have noticed black, streaky stains on your roof. While it may be just cosmetic today, leaving mold and mildew to grow can lift your shingles, allowing for melting ice and snow to get in and cause leaks. Hire a pro to give your roof a good cleaning to ensure any unsightly stains don’t grow into a bigger, much more expensive problem.

Remove any window air conditioning units and inspect all windows for damage or potential air leakage. It’s better to get leaky windows repaired now than wait you have to combat the deep freeze by cranking up the thermostat.

Get your fireplace ready for use with a professional inspection and clean. Stock up on firewood before the cold, wet weather begins and make sure you store it safely in a dry place away from your house. Remember, woodpiles are a breeding ground for termites, you would love nothing more than to feast on your home.

Fix up your flowerbeds by clearing out any dead or dying plants and give the soil a good aeration. Then spread a thick layer of mulch over the beds to help keep the temperature even through the winter freeze. If you’re planting bulbs, I like to use evergreen branches to keep the ground a bit warmer and give the bulbs some protection from the snow. If you enjoy vegetables, keep some poly spun garden fabric handy to lay over your boxes after the fall harvest.

Lock in a reliable plowing professional. Most people wait until the first snow and then panic because they can’t get out of their driveway and can’t find anyone to do the job in a pinch. Start calling around now to get quotes and book in a professional who is reliable and can get the job done quickly.

What are your favorite ways to get ready for the colder weather? I’d love to share your ideas. Send me a message on Facebook.

Bob O’Donnell is the owner of O’Donnell Bros. Inc., a Bristol-based home improvement company established in 1975. To contact Bob for your remodeling needs, call O’Donnell Bros. Inc. at (860) 589-5155 or visit Advice is for guidance only.