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Tackle Your Spring Projects This Weekend


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Tackle Your Spring Projects This Weekend

Chelsea O'Donnell

If you’re like me, you’re probably enjoying the unseasonably warm winter that we’re having here in Connecticut. With temperatures predicted to hit the mid-40’s this weekend, I got to thinking about some of the “around the house” projects that you can get out of the way now, rather than waiting for spring.

Basement Remodeling

Does the anticipation of Super Bowl Sunday have you day dreaming about the perfect man cave?  Winter is an excellent time to tackle the task. Obviously being in the basement, you don’t have to worry about any outside or weather-related factors, and generally you might find that contractors lower their rates during their slowest time of the year. You might even be able to enlist the help of a few friends with the promise of refreshments and a seat in front of the new big screen!  


Give the rooms inside your home an instant facelift with a coat of fresh paint. This job is perfect for this kind of weather because you can open up the windows to let the paint dry quickly and evenly. A painting project should take no more than a weekend to complete and if you’re not up to the task yourself, take advantage of those low rates I mentioned and contact a professional. The winter slow season might just be the time to nab a deal.

Leaf Pick Up

Raking leaves is a rotten task but with a little mid-winter maintenance, your job will get much easier come spring. First, invest in an ergonomic rake so you don’t hurt your back and shoulders. Move the same way as the wind and rake using smaller, sweeping motions rather than trying to grab huge piles as you go. Cleanup along the way so you’re not chasing leaves you’ve already raked and don’t push your piles into the street so they blow into your neighbor’s yard.  Use them as compost for your spring planting instead. 

Wood Floor Treatment

If your floors are looking a bit dull, brighten them up by giving them a light sanding and a few coats of polyurethane. Wood can be tough to maintain because it’s used and abused so often, but if you have a maintenance schedule that you stick to every few years, you’ll not only keep them looking great, you’ll also lengthen their lifecycle. Keep those floors shining by putting felt pads on furniture legs and avoid any cleaners with ammonia, vinegar or harsh chemicals. 

Deck Staining

Staining the deck is one of my least favorite jobs around the house, so getting it over and done with is something I always look forward to. Firstly, make sure no rain is in the forecast, as you’ll want a few sunny days to ensure your stain dries properly. Sweep or blow any leaves and pesky maple helicopters from the surface, cracks and crevasses of the deck. Apply a cleaner to get rid of any mold and mildew and replace missing nails or screws to ensure your boards don’t creep up. Always apply stain on a dry surface in thin, even coats to get the best result.  

Do you have a weekend project that you’re tackling in the warm winter weather? I’d love to hear about it. Send me a message on Facebook at