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Leaf relief for autumn


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Leaf relief for autumn

Chelsea O'Donnell

In the next few weeks the leaves will begin to fall, which means plenty of yard work for homeowners. But what's even more important than keeping your lawn clean is ensuring your gutters are free from debris coming into the winter.

Gutters are an important part of the home because they allow water to drain off the roof and away from the foundation. When the autumn comes, gutters often get filled with tree leaves, which can be very problematic in the winter when we get a lot of snow. If your gutters are clogged, the water has nowhere to go, which means it might either seep into the roof or pour down into the foundation, causing expensive and preventable damage. Luckily, I have two simple solutions to ensure your gutters are ready for winter, and the best part is that they are both inexpensive and easy to do.

The first is to get gutter shields installed on your property. Shields can be made of metal mesh or plastic and can either work as a filter or a complete gutter cover. The type of guard you choose will depend on your home and needs, and installation can be done by a professional contractor in one day. For those of you who are handy around the house, you can even install them yourself -  provided you have safety equipment and feel comfortable on a roof. It’s important to note that if your gutters are very old or have been not been maintained properly, you may not be able to cover them.

If gutter shields aren’t an option for you, you can also get your gutters cleaned, which should be done at least four times per year.  Many homeowners tackle this job themselves, but it can be both difficult and dangerous. I suggest hiring a professional, who can not only clean the gutters but can also do a quick inspection to ensure your gutters are in good working order and ready for the winter. Whenever I do a gutter cleaning, I always look for leakage warning signs and report them back to the homeowner so they are aware of any potential problems before they happen.

Gutters that are in proper working condition will save your home and your foundation from potentially expensive and preventable repair. The best part is that solutions are quick, easy, and can give your home the protection it needs to ensure you don't have any unnecessary problems this coming winter.